HCPVLTENT – Vault Enterprise 

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    This instructor-led course provides in-depth comprehensive knowledge of HashiCorp Vault Enterprise for both operators and developers. Learn how to design, deploy and configure a Vault installation, as well as integrate applications and leverage various features of Vault. The following topics are covered in this course:

    Module 1: Vault Architecture
    Module 2: Vault Configuration
    Module 3: Static Secrets
    Module 4: Deploying Secrets
    Module 5: Tokens
    Module 6: Policies
    Module 7: Authentication Methods
    Module 8: Dynamic Secrets
    Module 9: Vault Deployment Guidelines
    Module 10: Vault Operations
    Module 11: Incident Management
    Module 12: Enterprise Replication 

    Developers, DevOps, Security and Operations

    What you’ll need:

     – A laptop that is WiFi capable

     – Practical experience with command-line tools and infrastructure as code is helpful

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