Security Training

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    Get the Knowledge and Skills

    After successfully completing this course, the student will be able to:

    • Describe security in the context of Hadoop
    • Assess threats to a production Hadoop cluster
    • Plan and deploy defenses against these threats
    • Improve the security of each node in the cluster
    • Set up authentication with Kerberos and Active Directory
    • Use permissions and ACLs to control access to files in HDFS
    • Use platform authorization features to control data access
    • Perform common key management tasks
    • Use encryption to protect data in motion and at rest
    • Monitor a cluster for suspicious activity

    What To Expect

    The course is intended for system administrators and those in similar roles. Prospective students should have a good understanding of Hadoop’s architecture, the ability to perform system administration tasks in the Linux environment, and at least basic exposure to Cloudera Manager. We recommend that students complete the Cloudera Administrator Training for Apache Hadoop course, or have equivalent on-the-job experience, before beginning this course. No prior training or experience with computer security is required.

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