AD421VT – Camel Integration and Development with Red Hat Fuse on OpenShift

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    Course description

    Learn to develop, implement, test, and deploy applications utilizing enterprise integration patterns (EIP)

    Camel Integration and Development with Red Hat Fuse on OpenShift (AD421) is a hands-on, lab-based course that gives Java™ developers and architects an understanding of Apache Camel and the enhancements and tools Red Hat offers in support of Camel development.

    This course is based on Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 7.5, Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform 3.9, Red Hat® Fuse 7.1, and Apache Camel 2.21.

    Camel and Red Hat Fuse enable developers to create complex integrations in a simple and maintainable format. Camel development is organized around:

    • Routes that define a sequence or flow of processing.
    • Processors that transform, interpret, and modify messages within a Camel route.
    • Components that enable the creation of endpoints that interact with the outside world for acquiring and transmitting data.

    This course can assist in preparing for the Red Hat Certified Specialist in Camel Development exam (EX421).

    Course content summary

    • Create basic routes and integration solutions with Camel.
    • Combine messages through aggregation.
    • Develop tests with Camel test kit and mock components.
    • Develop REST services with the REST DSL and Swagger.
    • Deploy a route on Karaf, EAP, and Spring Boot.
    • Increase route throughput with parallel processing.
    • Deploy microservices with Red Hat Fuse on OpenShift.

    Audience for this course

    • Java developers who need to learn how to use Camel, implement enterprise integration patterns (EIPs), and develop integration applications with Camel
    • Java architects who need to understand how Apache Camel can be used in software architectures requiring integration between applications

    Prerequisites for this course

    • Experience in developing and deploying Java EE 7 applications
    • Experience with relational databases, JDBC, and SQL
    • Experience with Java development tools such as Maven and Eclipse
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